Cardigan, Handknitted from pure Icelandic wool.

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      Description de l'article

      Cardigan, Handknitted from pure Icelandic wool. - Sunday Creations

      Catégorie de la boutique: Traditonal Icelandic sweaters

      Icelandic traditional sweater, lopapeysa, knitted by LOPIA.
      This cardigan is handknitted from lopi, which is 100% pure Icelandic wool.

      The pattern is traditional Icelandic pattern, a part of our heritage.

      It is possible to order this cardigan with collar or hood, and it is available in many beautyful colors.
      You can also choose buttons or zipper.

      The cardigan is made after you wishes , so for the perfect fit, please send measurements when you order.

      Characteristics of the Icelandic wool:

      Unique in its composition, Icelandic wool consists of two types of fibres:
      Inner fibres: Fine, soft, highly insulating.
      Outer fibres: Long, glossy, water-repellent.

      Together, these two distinctive fibres create a wool that is:

      1)Lightweight: Lighter than most other wools, keeps you warm and comfortable.
      2)Water-repellent: Repels rain and stays feeling dry.
      3)Breathable: Moisture passes through the fibres away from the skin, keeping you dry and comfortable


      This cardican is knitted specially for you, there for you choose a size.
      For the perfect fit, please send measurents as you order.

      Matériaux utilisés

      Wool, Pure-icelandic-wool

      Procédé de fabrication


      Options de personnalisation

      Size and colors



      XS S M L XL XXL

      Méthode de fabrication





      confortable détendu


      uni avec motif


      Couleur Taille

      Pour femme / Pour homme

      Pour tous
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      Délai de livraison : 4 semaines
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