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      Description de l'article

      E-Book❀#15 * Strawberry - Pumps * pattern - WoolAffair

      Catégorie de la boutique: Baby - Strick - Schuhe

      knit and crochet pattern
      pattern with many photos for cute baby shoes.

      The pumps are knitted and the strawberry is crocheted.
      But of course you can use also use buttons or other applications if you like. You can design them however you like!

      If you have questions on the pattern, just send me an e-mail!

      PLEASE always send me your e-mail address when you buy something in our shop because we can't see it!

      It's not allowed to sell the pattern or use it for commercial use.
      design - pattern - idea
      © WoolAffair, 2012. all rights reserved

      Production method
      designed and written,
      taken photographed and put together perfectly

      Materials utilised

      very detailed pattern with many images

      size: 9-10 cm
      age: 0-6 months


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