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    Sweet teddy "Candy"


    One-toe-bears & MarieSew

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    Livraison en Allemagne
    Délai de livraison : 1-2 jours
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    • Détails
      Description de l'article

      Sweet teddy "Candy" - One-toe-bears & MarieSew

      Catégorie de la boutique: ❤ Nounours

      May I introduce "Candy" to you? "Candy" always takes her lolly with her. I´ve made her lolly out of FIMO, while her fur is a fabulous pink and purple shaded white longpile mohair. Furthermore, I used off-white cashmere fabric for "Candys" toes, inner ears, snout and fingers. Additionally, her face, toes and fingers have been needle sculpted. She has got a little tongue, too. It is made out of felt. By the way, nose and claws have been stitched using pink yarn. Finally, "Candy" wears a bow made of zigzag braid and I decorated her sole with the same zigzag braid. I think, the zigzag braid looks like frosting. This is why I chose it to decorate "Candy", she should look like the colourful candy you get at fairs like Oktoberfest: cotton candy, gingerbread hearts, huge lollies and toffee apples. If you wonder why she is so heavy, she eats so much candy… well, I admit, I used mineral granules to achieve a nice weight for the little girl.

      "Candys" favourite drink is a glass of milk, which she also needs before going to bed. "Candy" loves fairs, blinking lights and colourful sweets. If you provide her with sweets and much love, "Candy" will be a good girl. But don´t try to take away her lolly, she will bawl and act up. "Candys" big dream is riding a Ferris wheel once.

      Please find more photos here:


      Name: Candy
      Weight: 245 g
      Size: 20 cm (7.87")
      Joints: 8 (legs, arms, wrists, double head joint)

      Matériaux utilisés

      Fur: pink and purple mohair from Germany
      Special quality: with tongue, bow and lollipop
      Eyes: black high-quality glass eyes
      Filling: sheep's wool and mineral granules

      Procédé de fabrication

      Collector's teddy bear, not suitable for children
      One-of-a-kind, hand-sewed, using my own design and pattern, face, hands and feet needle-sculpted



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      Délai de livraison : 1-2 jours
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