Crochet Patterns Magazine Duplet 41


Duplet Crochet School

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Livraison en Ukraine
Délai de livraison : 10-14 jours
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    • Détails
      Description de l'article

      Crochet Patterns Magazine Duplet 41 - Duplet Crochet School

      Catégorie de la boutique: Duplet magazines

      openwork crochet patterns
      ° Irish lace
      ° Ribbon embroidery
      ° Motives
      ° lace of the Bruges
      ° openwork embroidery
      ° Cut-out embroidery
      ° Hairpin Lace
      This magazine is for those who know how to crochet, and for those who want to learn to crochet.
      In Russian language.
      But it will not be a problem for you. All information presented on the Diagram and photos.
      In the magazine pages with color photos of completed projects and BW pages with diagrams, and samples of designs.
      This magazine does not show how to crochet a product step by step.
      In this magazine you will find a lot of ideas.
      You can create a very simple and very complex finished works.
      You can crocheted for yourself and for your family or making money.
      This magazine can buy one - you'll have a lot of information.
      But my experience tells me that you want to create for itself a collection of these magazines.
      Many crochet master the art each month they are doing unique and beautiful clothing trend, it's so perfect done that you can only say "Wow!"
      If your hands loves crochet - this is your magazine!
      Condition - new, unused
      Any questions - welcome!


      It is really heavy, so buy more for low shipping cost.
      Combined shipping for monthly magazines (Registered Airmail with Track Number)

      Matériaux utilisés

      Shipping Diskont:
      for 2 magazines- EURO 6,4 (0.25kg-0.5kg)
      for 3- 4 magazines- EURO 8,9 (0.5kg-1kg)
      for 5-10 magazines- EURO 13,5 (Up to 2 kg)
      for 11-15 magazines- EURO 19,2 (Up to 3 kg)

      Procédé de fabrication

      for 16-20 magazines- EURO 24.2 (Up to 4 kg)
      for 21-26 magazines- EURO 27.8 (Up to 5 kg)
      (except for special issues as Irish Lace - it weigh more 500 grams.. )

      Options de personnalisation

      You can yourself calculate approximate weight:
      -weight of monthly Duplet 0.180 kg
      -weight of Duplet Summer lace 0.300 kg
      -weight of Duplet Bikini 0.220 kg
      -weight of Duplet Irish Lace 0.500 kg
      -weight of others Specials Duplets 0.350-0.400 kg
      -weight of monthly Zhurnal Mod 0.220 kg

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      Délai de livraison : 10-14 jours
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