Pet Ornaments Needle Felted from Your Pet Photos



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      Pet Ornaments Needle Felted from Your Pet Photos - FibreHeart

      This is a custom Pet on a generous amount of ribbon and Christmas present for decorations of any kind. Christmas, Valentine's, Easter, Home decor... I can make any kind of animal you like and coordinate the ribbon and ball to fit your theme. This Dog is needle felted with small black glass beads for eyes. She is approx. 3" long x 3" tall. She is reserved. Yours will be handmade. I devote many, many hours to your sculpture. Each are made specifically to your pets or creatures. You can provide me with photographs and descriptions or I can get photos myself to reference based on what you would like. No Google photos are copied from, just referenced I do not use any patterns or instructions. All my art is my own. Each are delivered with a Signed Certificate, a travel coat and a transferable gift certificate.


      3" long x 2.5" tall

      Matériaux utilisés

      Wool, beads, ribbon

      Procédé de fabrication

      Needle Felted

      Options de personnalisation

      Fully customized using your pet photos or photos from my books or Google



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      Prêt à être envoyé 3-5 jours ouvrables après réception du paiement
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