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    5pcs Vintage Style bell pendant Finding



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    3.50 EUR
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      Description de l'article

      5pcs Vintage Style bell pendant Finding - sinocraft

      Catégorie de la boutique: Antique Bronze Pendant

      NEW ARRIVAL 5pcs Vintage Style bell pendant Finding

      material :alloy
      (Contact me if you need larger quantity.)



      Matériaux utilisés

      alloy plating antique bronze

      Procédé de fabrication



      Paiement & expédition

      Prêt à être envoyé

      3-5 jours ouvrables après réception du paiement

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        2.00 EUR
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      Please understand the register mail is so slow because the post office will register it every step. If you mind it , You can choose express delivery . It is so quickly , but shipping fee is so high. You can ask me inquire about express delivery fee.

      After order , It is better to conv me your phone number so that I write it on transport paper. If nobody will be in, post man can contact with you. Or it will delay shipping time .

      Of course , I will try my best to give you a track No after shipment .You can go to to monitor your parcel. The shipping information will be shown after 2-3days after shipment.

      2. If you have any question for your parcel , please contact with me as soon as possible. I will try my best to solve these problem . Don't leave negtive feedback irresponsiblely without any contact.

      3. If quantity is not your want, you can tell me we can rearrange your requirement .

      4. Now any order, I will provide you with handmade Ebook. in English . If you like , you can conv me to send them to you.

      5. Welcome wholesale and act for agency .

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