R1106 Bronze coloured vintage ring "Sweet Bird"

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SH-Perlenschmuckdesign ¤♥¤ bijoux de mode et bijoux avec Cabochons

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      Name And Seller

      Shop Category: `✿´ Rings 12/14/18mm

      Vintage jewelry by SH-Perlenschmuckdesign

      Beautiful vintage ring bronze coloured with digital collage finish.

      Suitable earstuds you will find in my shop. Suitable necklace on request.

      Other loveling handcrafted vintage jewelry you will find in my shop as well.

      Size Description

      Diameter cabochon: 14mm
      Diameter ring: adjustable beginning at 17,5mm

      Material Description

      bronze coloured ring setting
      glas cabochon
      digital collage

      Manufacturing Description


      Customization Options

      Auf Wunsch ist der Ring auch in silberfarben erhältlich.

      Main Characteristics

      Meth Jew

      Perles de verre Métal travaillé

      Mat Stone

      Perles de verre Autres

      Mat Mj

      Bronze Autres métaux Verre


      amusant romantique
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