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    Llamas - Organic Cotton Crew Neck



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      Description de l'article

      Llamas - Organic Cotton Crew Neck - Idrawalot

      Catégorie de la boutique: 36cm x 48xm Screen Prints

      Apparel Color: Organic Brown
      Ink Color: Black

      Sustainably hand printed on 100% Organic Cotton: Made from 100% organic cotton, grown using methods and materials that have a low impact on the earth.

      These llamas mean business, they are the business. The lady llama once got in to an office fight, she lost her eye - but the other lost a lot more then that. I would not mess around with these two at all.

      Artwork by Karl Addison


      -Choose Your Size-

      X Small --- (Chest: 16 inches - Length: 25 inches - Top Sleeve: 6.5 inches)
      Small --- (Chest: 17.5 inches - Length: 26 inches - Top Sleeve: 7 inches)
      Medium --- (Chest: 19 inches - Length: 27 inches - Top Sleeve: 7.5 inches)
      Large --- (Chest: 20.5 inches - Length: 28 inches - Top Sleeve: 8 inches)
      X Large --- (Chest: 22.5 inches - Length: 29 inches - Top Sleeve: 8.5 inches)
      XX Large --- (Chest: 24 inches - Length: 30 inches - Top Sleeve: 9 inches)


      -Donation, Giving Back-

      We donated to Mercy For Animals to help assist in their efforts for animal compassion, education, investigations, grassroots activism and more.

      What Is “Mercy For Animals”?
      Mercy For Animals is a national 501(c)(3) non-profit animal advocacy organization. Founded in 1999 and over 25,000 members strong, MFA works to create a society where animals are treated with the respect and compassion they so rightly deserve.

      MFA believes non-human animals are irreplaceable individuals with morally significant interests and hence rights. This includes the right to live free from unnecessary suffering and exploitation.

      MFA is dedicated to establishing and defending the rights of all animals. Over 99% of cruelty to animals in the United States occurs at the hands of the meat, dairy, and egg industries - which confine, mutilate, and slaughter over 9 billion animals each year. As such, MFA primarily focuses on farmed animal advocacy and promoting cruelty-free food choices.

      MFA works to be a voice for animals through powerful consumer education programs, proactive advertising campaigns, groundbreaking undercover investigations, working with news media, and grassroots activism.



      “Thanks so much, the reprinted tee is PERFECT, fits him to a t! Perfect placement and size, thanks for helping to get it right, I really appreciate it, hope to shop with you in the future!” - Bonnie F.

      “yahooo!!! I love my new partybots shirt! good customer service, fast shipping, and cool packaging! even gave me a free sticker! (that's now on my computer), two thumbs up!” - Amber Y.

      “awesome shirt! i get so many compliments!” - Addie H.

      “Wonderful! They bent over backwards to accommodate my procrastination and got the shirt to me in time to give the gift at the party! The print is amazing, service amazing! Thank you!” - Michael D.

      “The shirt is light and design is amazing. I always catch people looking at it!” - Kristin K.

      “Super cute shirt, great communication. Love all the drawings, I will definitely be back to shop again!” - Joni F.

      “I wore this shirt today actually, and it was neat because it was really hot outside and me and my sister were riding our bikes to the beach. So over all I like it, I did think it was going to be a little smaller then it was, but im not sure why i thought that because there was a guy whereing it in the photo. Next time i buy a shirt from you however it will be a small not a medium....I like the stretchyness of the fabric!” - Michelle B.

      "I saw karl's partybots probably about 2 years ago. Though his designs are funny at first glace, a deeper looks shows that he is full of talent with a unique imagination." -justin (

      "Karl Addison brings an unmatched fire and vision to his art. Always two steps ahead of contempories, his fanciful designs bring a knowing smile to those who know him." - The Lebanon Robotics Team (Tina Casagrand, Katie Stoll, etc.)

      "My family is stoked on your heart, it makes all of us so happy." - Penny C.

      "ethereal, realistic, bizarre --- everything I love in artwork! Partybots has not only unique and one-of-a-kind stuff, they are mindbenders. Wear them or hang them and be weird! And cool. And nice to the earth!" - Marci F. ("f" is for freaking awesome)

      "I had one of my best days ever...wearing my Partybots." – 33


      Please Select Your Size:
      Small, Large, X Large

      Matériaux utilisés

      clothing, men, tshirt, animal, art, women, shirt, original, drawing, illustration, print, reproduction, screenprint, business, shirt, original, drawing, illustration, print, reproduction, screenprint

      Procédé de fabrication

      screen, printed, hand, drawing, cotton, apparel, soy, based, inks, sustainable, organic, love, fabric,clothing, men, tshirt, animal, art, women, shirt, original, drawing, illustration, print



      XS S M L XL XXL

      Méthode de fabrication

      cousu imprimé


      Coton (pur) Fibres Bio


      confortable détendu


      avec motif Autres


      Couleur Taille Motif

      Pour femme / Pour homme

      Pour Homme
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