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      Description de l'article

      Spell Cast Coins (tm) - Tolkien/ Mirror of Gala... - Spellworker

      This Mirror of Galadriel Enchanted Wishing Coin is:

      ** a double-sided wishing coin - an OOAK (one of a kind) coin to help you make your wishes come true
      ** a Universal Goddess handmade coin made of ceramic-like material with an original rainbow colored design
      ** a holistic tool which can help you connect to the Elven and Fairy Plane, named after Tolkien's Mirror of Galadriel in his Lord of the Rings trilogy
      ** an enchanted coin - a Spell Cast Coin(tm) with a blessing for prosperity, set in a Spellworker(tm) organic, impressionist, rainbow magic spell design

      ** this is a listing for this Special Edition, OOAK, enchanted wishing coin, and it includes a unique, surprise BONUS GIFT which works together with the coin

      ** beautiful rainbow colors include soft and bright tones in pink, mauve, peach, gold, green, blue and aquas - the photos cannot illustrate the full beauty and intensity of the colors of this coin; the coin has two large freshwater pearls on one side. The reverse side of the coin shows the Mirror opening up to reveal what Galadriel wanted to show Frodo Baggins through the Mirror.

      ** this coin is part of Spell Worker Magic(sm) - each coin carries a different blessing even if the design is similar or the same
      ** this a spiritual tool which has been energized or charged through a unique, proprietary holistic method to facilitate benefits to the owner/ buyer
      ** wishing coins are used in many spiritual paths and cultures to assist the owners in manifesting their goals
      ** this a multi-functional tool: talisman, amulet, enchanted wishing coin, scrying mirror, spiritual holistic tool, collectible coin, and an altar coin

      FOR MORE PRODUCTS MADE BY SELLER RELATED TO this MIRROR OF GALADRIEL SPELL CAST COINS(tm) listing: Please see Seller's shop at magickdreamportals.dawanda.com.

      ** this listing includes a flat, metal jewelry box for safekeeping
      ** materials: non-toxic ceramic-like material, enamels, freshwater pearls
      ** this is a unique collectible coin - no two coins are alike - even if I were to repeat the same design
      ** measurements: app. two inches in diameter, very lightweight
      * instructions for use and care included in an email to the buyer upon purchase

      ABOUT THIS COIN: This coin is an original art piece, hand made by Artist/Seller, portraying Seller's rendition of the Mirror of Galadriel in Tolkien's Lord of the Rings trilogy. The Mirror is a multi-dimensional OOAK enchanted wishing coin.


      Galadriel was the elven queen and great sorceress who lived with her husband and the elves in Lothlorien, a beautiful part of Middle Earth that was an enchanted forest. Galadriel protected the Fellowship of the Ring and she lured Frodo Baggins to the Mirror of Galadriel, which was an elven divination mirror, for him to see things that had happened, current events, and possibilities in the future. Frodo was so shocked to see the horror of what would happen if the evil lord Sauron took over Middle Earth that this helped to persuade him to continue on his journey to destroy the One Ring. Galadriel continued to protect Frodo througout his journey to Mordor where the One Ring of Power was eventually destroyed upon his arrival there with his companion Sam.

      METAPHYSICAL USES and PERSONAL EXPERIENCES with this item: A talisman or spiritual tool will choose and find its rightful owner. If you are particularly attracted to this altar piece, it was probably originally designed for you. This holistic item has been charged or energized through a unique proprietary system for energizing holistic tools. Instructions on the use and care of this item, along with information about its significance, uses, and metaphysical effects, will be sent to buyer upon purchase. For general information, please send me email.

      Copyrights and Trademarks: The seller reserves all copyrights, trademarks, and intellectual property rights with respect to this item, including the design of the item, designs on the item, and photos of the item. Spell Cast Coins(tm), spellcastcoins(tm), SpellCastCoins(tm), SpellCastCoin(tm), and Spell Cast Coin(tm) are trademarks of the seller. Please see this website's Profile regarding these and other trademarks and the copyrights of the seller or send email for more information.

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      (c) 2008 spellcastcoins.com spellcastcoins(tm) spellworker [!at] gmail.com

      Matériaux utilisés

      non-toxic ceramic-like materials, enamels, Freshwater Pearls

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      Procédé de fabrication


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