Welcome to the DaWanda API!

DaWanda is the place for unique and individual products and people. Besides buying handmade and hard to find goods, sharing your discoveries with your friends and creating your own collections, it is now also possible to develop rock solid DaWanda applications!
Sounds interesting? Then these pages will help you to get started.

Examples and documentation

In order to introduce you to the topic, we just wrote some documentation and built some nice frameworks for different programming languages. We have also written some examples, which you can find in the programming language specific repository. You will find links to the things described in the navigation area on the left.

The basic API

We decided to split the API into two parts. On the one hand you will be able to receive public information such as products or a user's username or gender with the basic API. Click here to get more information about this.

The OAuth API

On the other hand you can ask a user to reveal his personal data to your application such as his email address or his order items. Click here to get more information about this.

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